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we are limehome

limehome is a new hospitality operator and brand; a critical component to our success is the ability to build innovation. Right now we have a team of over 30 people that develop technology for every part of our business. From finding the right location for our limehomes, onboarding & making them ready for our guests to finally having them bookable in the most popular OTAs and of course, our great website.

what we do

We incorporated technology in any layer that runs the business; consumer-facing technologies, operation facing technologies, revenue management and more.

For instance, one of the critical pieces for our business is to have a really clear picture of what kind of revenue we can generate, looking for new locations and apartments so there's a lot of business intelligence to reduce the level of risk as much as possible.

how we work

We use the Domain-Driven Design (DDD), a software design technique to solve and understand business complexity. DDD helps us to align the business with the tech side, unifying the 2 main areas of our companies: product and tech. Which enables better communication between our teams and faster development processes. With DDD our domain is split into multiple subdomains allowing us to structure the company well with additional projects which build the foundation of our limehome Operating System.

where we want to be

We want to be the largest European digital hospitality brand that provides the quality and consistency of a casual premium hotel room experience while retaining a fully digital customer journey. Being a leading innovator of the travel industry by building a digital operating system for hospitality businesses – enabling others to plug into the brand and platform and run their properties like a limehome.

what's in it for you

flexible working hours

hybrid office model

get equipped

freedom to innovate

growth and development

relocation and language support


everything for our limehomies

where you could start

No open positions.



kathrin huber

Working Student People

anisha amir

Junior Tech Talent Manager