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  1. How should I prepare for an interview at limehome? In the first interview, we want to get to know you better. There will be some general questions regarding your professional experience and interests at limehome. At this point, we want to see if there is a match between you and the position by asking some job-specific questions. Furthermore, an interview offers you the possibility to get more details about the job as well as the team. Please feel free to ask all questions you might have concerning limehome as an employer and the specific vacancy for which you are interviewing.

  2. Where can I learn more about limehome? You can find sufficient information on our career page, the About Us page linked on the top right or our LinkedIn page.

  3. What shall I wear in an interview? Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, we have a casual dress code 🤗

  4. Are the positions on the website up-to-date? The positions on our career page are always available. Positions that are filled are removed from the page straight away. If you can't find a suitable role, check back in a couple of weeks as we post new roles regularly.

  5. Who could I contact if I have any questions regarding my application? Our limehomies are always listed within the job ad. If you have any additional questions regarding your application feel free to reach us at as well. Please note that this mail should solely be used for inquiries or additional questions. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications that reach us via mail and thus ask you to use the "apply" button you can find next to every job advertisement. We look forward to answering your questions!

  6. I'm interested in more than one position at limehome. Can I apply to multiple roles? You can apply for multiple positions at limehome. Just make sure to show us in your application that you meet all the requirements and why you could be the right person for the positions!

  7. When can I expect feedback regarding my application? As our talent team wants you to experience the best candidate journey we can offer, we try to give feedback as quickly as possible. The process can sometimes take more time due to high numbers of applications, changes in the position, holidays or other unforeseen reasons. Feel free to follow up with us regarding the process after allowing us some time to review your application.

  8. What benefits can I expect working at limehome? Please have a look at your preferred job posting  to find out which benefits await you as they might differ slightly by location and function.